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NBA Rumors: Dallas Mavericks In Trade Talks For Andre Drummond

(via The Smoking Cuban)

(via The Smoking Cuban)

With the NBA trade deadline just days away, star big man Andre Drummond has become one of the most intriguing names available in talks.

And while nothing is guaranteed, it's looking increasingly like Drummond may find his way to Dallas, where the Mavs are reportedly angling a trade for the 2x All-Star.

(via Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer)

“The Cavaliers have had trade talks with the Mavericks involving Andre Drummond. Toronto (Raptors) also retains interest in Drummond, while the (Los Angeles) Lakers and (Brooklyn) Nets will be potential destinations if he gets bought out. Cleveland is seeking a second-round pick, or more if a long-term salary is included.”

Drummond is a traditional-style center who dominates the paint and cleans the glass for second-chance opportunities. While his limitations on offense can be detrimental, his specific skillset could be powerful in the right environment.

For the Mavericks, Andre could be key in helping to push them over the line of contenders in the West. Alongside other solid shooters and scorers (namely, Luka Doncic), Dre would be free to do his thing and play to his strengths.

If the Mavs are willing to give up the necessary pieces, it might just end up working to their advantage in the end. But we'll see what they do before too long.