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NBA Rumors: Golden State Warriors Could Acquire Nikola Vucevic for Kelly Oubre Jr., Kevon Looney, Brad Wanamaker And Two Future Picks

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NBA Rumors: Golden State Warriors Could Acquire Nikola Vucevic for Kelly Oubre Jr., Kevon Looney, Brad Wanamaker And Two Future Picks

The Golden State Warriors are a team that is having a solid year in the Western Conference: they will most likely make the playoffs and have a solid regular season. This is an in-between year for them, as Klay Thompson is out with injury, and they aren't contenders. However, there is a trade they could make that would be a good move for the now and the future.

The Orlando Magic are 13th in the Eastern Conference, and their record is an abysmal 9-17. Former All-Star Nikola Vucevic could be a player that the Orlando Magic put up for trade. The Warriors could in turn target Vucevic to help them compete for a championship this season. Here is a possible trade package between the two teams.

Golden State Warriors Receive: Nikola Vucevic

Orlando Magic Receive: Kelly Oubre Jr., Kevon Looney, Brad Wanamaker, 2021 Minnesota first-round pick (protected 1-3), a future first-round pick

The Orlando Magic Reset

The Orlando Magic need to reset by trading away some of their veterans and going all-in on their young core. Mohamed Bamba needs playing time to develop, and their frontcourt rotation is very heavy. Vucevic is their best player, but the team needs a new direction. They could develop their young core by trading Vucevic, and the future picks combined with getting rid of a big contract would be solid reasons as to why the Magic would do it. Vucevic in turn would be sent to a contender, where he could possibly play with an MVP caliber player in Stephen Curry.

This would signal a new direction for the Orlando Magic, one where they possibly tank and enter another rebuild. The Minnesota Timberwolves first-round pick would help nicely, as the 2021 NBA Draft is a deep class with elite prospects at every position, and at every stage of the draft. The future first-round pick from the Warriors themselves would allow the Magic to draft a good prospect as well.

The Orlando Magic would gain two expiring contracts in Kelly Oubre Jr. and Brad Wanamaker. Kelly Oubre Jr. is an elite two-way wing who can score the ball well and play good defense. Brad Wanamaker is a solid guard who can contribute in a backup position. Kevon Looney is a solid player who can play the backup center position, or start if needed. This move would mostly be for the picks and the expiring contracts towards the end of the season on Orlando's end, though there is a possibility that Kelly Oubre Jr. in particular could get re-signed based on his potential.

The Golden State Warriors Set Up A Superteam

This move for the Warriors benefits them in the present and moving forward. Vucevic is having a solid season where he is averaging 23.3 PPG and 11.6 RPG while shooting a stellar 42% from 3PT range. While his statistics would inevitably decline on the Golden State Warriors due to him not being the offensive focus, a trade for Nikola Vucevic sets the Warriors up to be a superteam. Their starting lineup would be insane once Klay Thompson gets back, as they'd have strong players at every position. Adding Vucevic and Thompson to this version of the Warriors would be amazing, and would let the Warriors compete for more championships within the coming years.

Nikola Vucevic would also help the Golden State Warriors compete on an immediate basis as well. One of the problems for the Warriors this year has been the lack of consistent scoring behind Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins. Vucevic would provide that, and also be able to space the floor. Draymond Green is at his best when surrounded by a lot of players who can shoot the 3PT shot consistently: Vucevic fits the criteria for that. Essentially, trading for Nikola Vucevic would be a prudent move by the Golden State Warriors, and could easily set up a new superteam in the West.


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