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NBA Rumors: Golden State Warriors Could Land JJ Redick For Kelly Oubre Jr.

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NBA Rumors: Golden State Warriors Could Land JJ Redick For Kelly Oubre Jr.

The Golden State Warriors have had an okay start to the season, starting with a 9-8 record. Stephen Curry has played at an MVP level and they look to be a playoff team. But they have been somewhat inconsistent, having some big comeback wins against contenders, but also huge losses to top tier teams like the Utah Jazz. The Warriors could look for options to help the team's playoff push in the trade market. A trade for a good player who would fit within Steve Kerr's system would be ideal.

Such a player is JJ Redick of the New Orleans Pelicans. The Pelicans have struggled to begin the season and could look to trade veterans for younger pieces around Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson. If JJ Redick is up for trade, then perhaps the Warriors could try to bring him to their franchise, as they look to improve upon their standing in the Western Conference. The offer would probably be focused on Kelly Oubre Jr., who is a young player and an expiring contract.

Golden State Warriors Receive: JJ Redick

New Orleans Pelicans Receive: Kelly Oubre Jr.

The New Orleans Pelicans Get Younger

Kelly Oubre Jr. is a very athletic player, whose bread and butter is slicing towards the rim for a thunderous dunk. Oubre is an elite slasher who can get to the rim at will due to his athleticism. Kelly Oubre Jr is a solid presence on the defensive end as well: he often hounds ball handlers and makes hustle plays. Oubre's length also helps him get in passing lanes, and he generally has a high motor on that end of the floor. While Oubre's efficiency hasn't been good this season, that can in part be attributed to his poor fit within the Warriors ball movement based system. Oubre Jr. can provide defense, but what the Warriors really need is some consistent shooting.

Kelly Oubre Jr. could play his game well on the Pelicans. The New Orleans Pelicans trading away JJ Redick for some defense would be a good move. Kelly Oubre Jr. can be an elite defender who hounds primary ballhandlers for the Pelicans while playing a complementary role on offense. Oubre won't be asked to create perimeter shots for himself on the Pelicans, as they have players like Nickeil Alexander-Walker and Brandon Ingram to do so. With the Pelicans clearly moving towards the future, trading away an older veteran for a young athletic forward seems like an appealing prospect.

The Golden State Warriors Bring In A Shooter

The Golden State Warriors starting lineup is in dire need of some better spacing. Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins have been amazing from beyond the arc this season, but the other players who are starting are inconsistent at making 3PT jumpers. JJ Redick would bring that consistency from beyond the arc: he shot 45.3% from 3PT range last season on high volume. It was only last season that JJ Redick was playing solid minutes and averaging 15.3 PPG. On the Golden State Warriors, Redick would probably have elite chemistry with Stephen Curry and provide some tertiary scoring behind Curry and Wiggins.

JJ Redick would emulate some of the off-ball presence that Klay Thompson usually brings to the Golden State Warriors. While no-one can replace one of the best shooters of all-time, Redick's ability to play off the ball would be crucial for Golden State. Redick would provide more spacing for drives, and be able to punish teams for double-teaming Stephen Curry and hitting the open shot. Redick is an elite shooter on high volume: all he needs to do is get into a rhythm. Having playmakers like Draymond Green and Stephen Curry will allow Redick to get more open shots, and return to the form that he showed his entire career. JJ Redick seems like a natural fit with Stephen Curry and the free-flowing Warriors system.

This trade would be a net gain for both sides. As JJ Redick and Kelly Oubre Jr are both on expiring contracts, the risk associated with the trade is at a minimum. This trade would be a simple one for one exchange of expiring contracts, and both teams would get players who would work well on their respective rosters.


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