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NBA Rumors: Golden State Warriors Could Trade For Rudy Gobert

NBA Rumors: Golden State Warriors Could Trade For Rudy Gobert

The 2022 NBA offseason could be as much or more entertaining as last year. Many players will test the waters of free agency after spending seasons with teams where they couldn't win, while others will return to their squads. Meanwhile, others could be dealt to a different franchise if their current team feels it's time for a fresh start for both parties. 

One name that has been rumored to be on the move is Rudy Gobert. The Frenchman has been linked with several teams in recent times, including the Dallas Mavericks. The 3x DPOY could be a terrific addition to any team in the NBA, and there's one that could make the move for him if the Jazz decide to part ways with the big man. 

According to one NBA executive, Rudy could end up in the Bay, playing with the Golden State Warriors. 

“If Rudy Gobert becomes available this summer, I think you’d find a lot of those veterans with the Warriors might want the team to make a run at him,” the exec told’s Sean Deveney.

This would be an awkward situation since Draymond Green has taken shots at Gobert's defense before, but these guys want to win and the Warriors' defensive specialist would probably bury the hatchet and embrace Gobert's arrival. 

“It would cost them Wiggins and Wiseman but if you believe in Jordan Poole and Klay [Thompson] to man the wings for the next few years, I think the Warriors would have to consider it,” the exec said. “Talent-wise, Wiggins and Wiseman for Gobert is a good deal for both sides.”

However, Gobert's contract could be a major issue for the Warriors. That deal is huge and they already have several players getting a lot of money. That could be another big reason why this trade won't go through. 

“Problem is, Gobert has the $200 million [$205 million, actually] extension kicking in and one of the things we’ve seen from the Warriors is, ‘OK we’re paying the tax, we are paying a lot of tax but there are limits,'” the exec said. “Making a move for Gobert is committing yourself to a lot of tax payment.”

Adding Gobert to an already dangerous team could make the Warriors title favorites next season. They are still good and their stars will be ready to run it back next campaign. However, there are more candidates that will try to get Gobert, and it remains to be seen if the Jazz will move him away. This is an interesting but complex situation. It remains to be seen how this situation will play out, but the Warriors could be ready for an entertaining offseason.