NBA Rumors: Heat, Raptors And Wizards 'Most Likely' Destinations For Ben Simmons

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Ben Simmons ‘More Than Interested’ In Playing For Different NBA Franchise, Rich Paul Trying To Set Up A Trade


Ben Simmons is the talk of the town after several rumors about his future have seen the light in recent weeks. The Australian player didn't have the best season with the Philadelphia 76ers, leading to trade rumors this offseason. 

Simmons' market is significant, as he's still young and has a lot of room to improve. The Sixers looked ready to keep him on the roster, but new developments point out that the player could be leaving the franchise before the start of next season. 

According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, three teams have the biggest chances to land Simmons, with the Washington Wizards being the strongest candidate to acquire Ben's services. Yet, there is a catch for this. 

Yet while Portland’s Damian Lillard and Washington’s Bradley Beal both appear to be in their respective holding patterns when it comes to possibly requesting a trade, it’s looking increasingly likely that Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons will be on the move. One source close to the situation handicapped Miami, Toronto and Washington as the most likely landing spots. The Wizards scenario, of course, would only take place if Beal wound up deciding that it was time for a new chapter outside of the nation’s capital. The moving parts, as you can see, are sometimes part of the same puzzle.

Bradley Beal has been linked with the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, and more. The shooting guard has been the heart and soul of the Wizards in the past couple of seasons, but the team's inability to win can lead to his departure. 

One move by Beal could have a domino effect in the league, changing things for several organizations. Time will tell how this ends, but Simmons looks closer to an exit than anything right now.