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NBA Rumors: Hornets May Make A Trade Offer For Bradley Beal


If I’d have told you that Kemba Walker, through November, would be the league’s highest leading scorer at 29.6 PPG, would you have believed me?

Through his last two games, he’s totaled over 100 points, following his career high 60-point night on Saturday with a 43-point night on Monday.

This Walker explosion has instilled a sense of urgency for the franchise, which is resulting in their name popping atop the rumor mill.

Most notably, they’ve seemed to have taken an interest in newly available Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards.

Spencer Percy was the first to report.

The proposed deal includes a draft pick with either Marvin Williams or Nic Batum. A relatively fair trade for both sides, considering Beal is making superstar level money.

But hey, for a team so desperate to change their culture, Bradley Beal would certainly do a lot for them if they can win the bidding war.

So they are to secure his services, they may have to up the ante as more of the season continues to widdle away, along with the prime of their beloved star, Kemba Walker.