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NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets Expand James Harden Trade Destination List, Says Adrian Wojnarowski

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(via Sir Charles In Charge)

(via Sir Charles In Charge)

Most people know by now that James Harden wants out of the Rockets. Harden and the new management haven't seen eye to eye, and Harden wants a trade to a contender. James Harden could be traded anywhere, but usually, a superstar of his caliber gets his preferred destination (see Anthony Davis). In a perfect world, James Harden would be traded to a team that he prefers and hopefully gets a chance at winning the NBA championship, or at least making the Finals.

However, the reality isn't often so rosy. Adrian Wojnarowski reported something that could stop Harden's plans entirely. Wojnarowski expresses the Rockets' sentiment.

Adrian Wojnarowski claims that the Houston Rockets might send James Harden somewhere that he didn't necessarily ask for. Sometimes that works out: ask Kawhi Leonard about Toronto. We have heard reported rumors about James Harden's preferred destinations, but if he doesn't get traded to those places, it's fun to think about where he could be traded.

Wojnarowski reports a particularly interesting tidbit within the article in his tweet. That short section should get the fans of any playoff team excited.

Several playoff-caliber teams in the Eastern and Western conferences have told ESPN that they're finding increased comfort in committing high-level trade assets in talks to acquire Harden.

Any team that gets Harden instantly gets an upgrade at the SG position. James Harden is the best shooting guard in the league and the most lethal one on one scorer of his generation. With this news, James Harden could truly go to any playoff team. He could go to a team and it could surprise absolutely everyone: all we can do is wait for more news from the Houston Rockets.