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NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets Could Trade James Harden In A Three-Team Trade

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Here we are, with another update to the James Harden trade saga. James Harden has been in a stand-off with the front office to see when he will get traded. So far, James Harden has indicated a few locations where he'd like to play next season: all of those teams are contenders, and sometimes they don't necessarily have the assets to complete a trade.

With all the commotion that comes with the potential of trading James Harden, one would think that the front office would want to wrap it up quickly. A quicker resolution to the trade allows both parties to move on: it's just good business. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that a trade may be coming in the near future and a surprising detail about the Rockets' mentality.

If there's been one thing that's been a trend, it's the trend of the Rockets taking their time with deciding what they want in return. The trades for James Harden will always be there; the moment Harden is put up on the trade market, the Rockets will get phone calls. Essentially, the Rockets will get the type of return that they want, but what matters more is which team bites.

With the news that the Rockets are exploring three-team trade scenarios, we can safely guess that they are exploring options that are not on his favored trade destinations. Perhaps they will send him to a random team out of nowhere, but it is just as likely that he ends up in Brooklyn and forms a superteam. Hopefully, the Rockets can end the suspense of NBA fans, and agree on trading him soon.