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NBA Rumors: How The Bulls Could Acquire Bradley Beal

(via Sportsnaut)

(via Sportsnaut)

The Chicago Bulls have no business being considered amongst the top of the NBA's hierarchy this season and likely the next few seasons to come. Following the departure of Jimmy Butler, the franchise dove headfirst into a rebuild they still find themselves sorting out two seasons later.

Their accumulation of young assets and draft picks have left them with an intriguing enough cast of misfits, but nothing concrete so far. Just one big move could change all of that, and Willie Lutz of Fansided’s Pippen Ain’t Easy recently suggested one such deal that could put the Bulls on track for playoff contention involving a certain D.C. shooting guard.

“Beal’s creativity and shot-making strengths are pulling him into the upper echelon of NBA talent as he enters his eighth season of basketball trending upward; spending his prime contending is probably a better use of his career than sticking around for the Wizards’ rebuild,” Lutz said.

“Additionally, if we’re to believe that Jim Boylen is approaching this offense as a more creative, fast-moving system, Beal is a perfect fit. He’s great at creating space and beating heavy-footed defenders to the rim. Evaluating this roster head to toe, it’s easy to see how Bradley Beal puts this team close to the top in the Eastern Conference.”

Granted, the acquisition of Beal alone would, by no means, make the Bulls instant title favorites. But it would give them an edge they haven't had since Butler. At 26-years-old, they could build around Beal and use his shooting talents to set the tone on offense.

Last season, he averaged a career-high 25.6 points per game on 45% shooting. Can he replicate those numbers over a lengthy period of time? If traded, the Bulls will be inclined to say yes.