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NBA Rumors: J.J. Redick Is The Perfect Target For The Lakers

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

The New Orleans Pelicans entered this campaign with a lot of optimism. The arrival of Zion Williamson, and several other key and talented pieces, meant (at least in their mind) they had a serious chance to compete this season.

Unfortunately, Williamson has yet to see the floor this season, and the Pels are struggling to keep their heads above the water. With their latest 7 point loss to the Suns on Thursday, New Orleans is second-to-last in the West with a 6-16 record. For someone like J.J. Redick, who has never missed the playoffs in his career, is this really how he wants to spend year 14?

Consider this: the Lakers acquire Redick in a deal sending Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and his contract to New Orleans. KCP is on a slightly cheaper deal, meaning the Pelicans get to save some cap along with the gift of picks or young players that L.A. would no doubt include in the package. Meanwhile, both L.A. and Redick get to improve their current situation.

Earlier this year, Jason Reed of Fansided’s L.A. Sports Hub explained why the Lakers, in particular, make a good landing spot for the veteran sharpshooter.

There is a risk that he misses the playoffs in New Orleans but can be saved by being traded to the Lakers. Rob Pelinka and David Griffin might be on the phone some more as J.J. Redick is the perfect veteran trade piece for the Lakers to consider, even though he does not really fit the wing defender or ball-handler mold. What Redick does bring is sharpshooting that will be lethal around James and Davis and add another scoring output for the team as well as playoff experience.

Despite his long record of playoff appearances, Redick has yet to win a Championship during his stints in Orlando, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. With the Lakers, he would be an instrumental piece in helping them win one. And, no doubt, it would serve as Redick's best chance to finally win one himself.

It's an ideal scenario, and one the Lakers will surely consider as February's trade deadline draws near.