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NBA Rumors: James Harden Could Be Traded To Brooklyn Nets Or Miami Heat Before Start Of The Season



The James Harden trade saga may be coming to a conclusion soon. The former MVP stated in the 2020 offseason that he wants to be traded, but where and when has been left up to skepticism. There seems to be a timeline now.

Harden refused to attend training camp with the Houston Rockets. The superstar instead attended social engagements in Atlanta and Las Vegas, with the explanation he gave for these trips was that he was training in the two cities.

In a Tweet from Sports Illustrated reporter Farbod Esnaashari, there has been “significant movement” to trade James Harden before the start of the NBA regular season on December 22nd. The sportswriter listed the Brooklyn Nets and Miami Heat as trade destinations for Harden.

This comes after and Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Rockets organization has been looking into three-team trade scenarios for The Beard. Whether or not the trade Esnaashari is reporting will include the Heat, Nets, and the Rockets remains to be seen.

With the regular season set to resume, it could prove beneficial to all teams involved in the trade for Harden. An earlier transaction leaves the rest of the season for Harden and those he was traded for to settle into their respective team situations.

What assets the Heat and Nets give up could also potentially shake up the league. Brooklyn signed Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant last year in free agency, Miami did not have as much success in free agency, but a key trade for Jimmy Butler in 2019 saw them become Eastern Conference Champions.