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NBA Rumors: John Collins' Camp Views Playing Next To Karl-Anthony Towns On The Minnesota Timberwolves As 'Favorable'

John Collins

John Collins refused an extension on his contract from the Atlanta Hawks prior to the start of the season. John Collins is on the last year of his contract and is a free agent this upcoming summer. Due to his contract status and basketball skill, John Collins is a prime trade target for other teams. John Collins is an athletic big man with a solid jumper, and he had an elite season last year.

One of the teams linked with John Collins this season was the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Minnesota Timberwolves would get another star to put with D'Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns. That would allow them to compete in the strong Western Conference. This arrangement would be beneficial for the Timberwolves, but apparently, there is mutual interest from John Collins' camp as well. Darren Wolfson reported on the situation on his podcast.

I will say though, from some correspondence with somebody closed to Collins, that that camp views this situation, the idea of Collins playing next to KAT as favorable. 

Here, he'd have the chance to play with a dynamic big man like KAT, somebody with KAT's skillset, that's very enticing for Collins.

Karl-Anthony Towns has been slightly forgotten by some NBA fans due to the Timberwolves' standing in the rankings. However, he is a premier big man, and probably the best shooting big man in the league. Having two multifaceted big men would be amazing for the Timberwolves, and we haven't even mentioned D'Angelo Russell. If the Minnesota Timberwolves end up trading for John Collins, they could create a big three in Minnesota. That could lift the franchise to being able to compete in the Western Conference, and would certainly help their record. While there is nothing concrete that has happened yet, John Collins would be an interesting acquisition for Minnesota.