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NBA Rumors: Knicks Could Offer A Monster Package For Anthony Davis

(via ABC)

(via ABC)

With their eyes set on Kevin Durant, the Knicks are set for some serious changes this summer. But could those changes include the arrival of Anthony Davis?

Nolan Jensen of Fansided’s Pelican Debrief recently suggested that the Knicks' dreams may stretch further than Kevin Durant this offseason.

“Instead of waiting for your lottery pick to blossom and develop into pre-draft expectations (which is not sure thing, as per Andrew Wiggins), you could acquire the likes of an Anthony Davis—who’s still only at the age of twenty-five. [sic] The prospect is very appealing. With the theoretical additions of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, the Knicks could be looking to compete for an NBA title sooner than later. Or Free Agency could bomb for the Knicks, and they max out second-tier stars once again. Trading for Davis is a surefire way to make them relevant instantly.”

As they are, even with the addition of Durant, it likely would not be enough to secure them a Championship. Acquiring Davis would change that status. Trading for him, however, will prove challenging.

A package of Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson, and three 1st-Round Picks sounds enticing enough, but they will not be the only ones competing in the sweepstakes. The Celtics, who could offer Tatum and their own stockpile of picks, are believed to be leading the race, and even the Lakers (who could offer up Ball, Kuzma, and Ingram) are expected to be in heavy pursuit as well.

It will be a highly competitive summer, to say the last, and New York is due to make a couple of splashes. Their best-case scenario involves having both Durant and Davis on the roster by the end of the summer. Is it realistic? Maybe not, but the chances of them getting at least one of them is a lot higher than you might think.