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NBA Rumors: Knicks Want Kyle Kuzma And D'Angelo Russell

(via Elite Sports NY)

(via Elite Sports NY)

The New York Knicks are undergoing some major changes this season, beginning from the top down.

With some new faces in management, virtually no player on the roster is safe this deadline. And, with hours to go until the highly-anticipated time, the Knicks are chasing a number of young, high-profile targets, including a pair of young stars who used to be teammates in Los Angeles.

Kuzma, 24, has been the subject of trade rumors since his debut back in 2017. As a young and talented scoring forward, he'd be essential in helping the Knicks acquire some pieces for the future. He could thrive in an environment tailored to feature him on offense.

As for D'Angelo, he'd be the first star to arrive in New York since Carmelo Anthony. Though the price would likely be high, his acquisition could help the team attract free agents in the future.

Either way, expect the Knicks to dangle Marcus Morris, Julius Randle, and just about anyone not named RJ Barrett. in talks. They haven't got much left to lose at this point.