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NBA Rumors: Knicks Willing To Trade Top 3 Pick In 2019 Draft For Superstar

(via Medium)

(via Medium)

Zion Williamson is being hailed as the next great NBA superstar, even before he has touched a pro-level court. ASs the projected #1 overall pick, many are insisting he is a once in a generation type of talent.

Jerry West even compared passing on Zion in the draft to passing on Michael Jordan.

Yet, in the past week, reports have indicated that the Suns prefer Murray State star Ja Morant, and now that the Knicks may end up trading their chance at Zion (if they land top 3 in the lottery) for an established superstar.

Here is what the Knicks GM Scott Perry said to Marc Berman of the New York Post:

“Once the draft process plays out, your phone rings a lot of times,” Perry said. “I can’t sit here and tell you exactly what would happen in that scenario.”

“Our vision is eventually is to become a championship-caliber team,” Perry said. “All our planning has that in mind. We’re not going to look at this summer as the end-all or be-all, per say. We’re excited to be in the game. We’re not going to go off the rails if we don’t get what you’re talking about. We’ll be very comfortable with the draft and what we can add via trade to be a better basketball team.”

Perry does not deny his team's willingness to at least hear out offers for a top lottery pick. If a team like New Orleans called and offered Anthony Davis, something says the Knicks may be inclined to take the deal.

But for New York, their fate will not be bound to the trade market or draft alone. With loads of free cap space, they are expected to be major players for the summer's top free agents, including Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

If given a top three pick, it will open up a whole new world of possibilities for them come the offseason.