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NBA Rumors: Lakers, Bucks And Sixers Are Interested In Chris Paul

Chris Paul

Chris Paul turned back the clock this season. He proved once again why he's the Point God and one of the greatest point guards to ever do it, even on a team that was supposed to rebuild and tank this season.

There were a lot of doubts about whether Paul was going to suit up for the Thunder or not. He took it personally and proved that he was far from done in the league. In fact, the Thunder were given a 0.5% chance to make the playoffs, yet they were a bucket away from making it to the Western Conference Semifinals.

That's why, according to Sam Quinn of CBS Sports, the Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Philadelphia 76ers will try and acquire him in a trade in the offseason.

The Lakers have been pursuing Paul for years. Let's not forget about the infamous vetoed trade that eventually sent him to the Los Angeles Clippers. Moreover, he's one of LeBron James' closest friends and the team clearly needs another ball-handler to take some pressure off of his shoulders.

The Milwaukee Bucks would be a great fit. He'd be a major improvement from George Hill and Eric Bledsoe with his shooting and backcourt defense, especially for a team that's craving a veteran that could lead the way when their shot isn't falling.

As for the Philadelphia 76ers, they'd have to see whether they want to stick with Ben Simmons at power forward and put the rock on CP3's hands or move the former 1st overall pick on a trade. Then again, the tricky part will be absorbing Paul's astronomically high salary but hey, he's definitely worth the risk.


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