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NBA Rumors: Lakers Could Land Buddy Hield For Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, And Alex Caruso

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NBA Rumors: Lakers Could Land Buddy Hield For Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, And Alex Caruso

The NBA season is almost upon us. Every team is gearing up for the start of competitive basketball, and every team has its own goals ahead of the season. Some teams are going to let young players start while having a losing record: for them, that's okay because those players have the opportunity to develop into stars. The Lakers don't have time for any of that: they need to win because LeBron James is getting older, and Father Time is knocking on the door. While James has held off declining for very long, every year fans ask themselves if this is the year the King will be toppled.

LeBron James is looking to match Michael Jordan's ring record while surpassing his Finals appearances. In the eyes of many, that would make LeBron James the GOAT. James would have six rings on three different teams. That would show longevity, adaptability, and perseverance. The Lakers are the beneficiaries of James' last few years in the league: there is absolutely no way they squander them.

The Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a win-now move, perhaps poaching a star from another underperforming franchise. A prime candidate for the Lakers to acquire a star from is a franchise called the Sacramento Kings. It has been reported that Kyle Kuzma is essential to the Lakers getting their third star, so he's included in the trade package.

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Buddy Hield

Sacramento Kings Receive: Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Alex Caruso

The Sacramento Kings Build For The Future

Trading Buddy Hield would be in the best interest of the Sacramento Kings. Hield is on a long-term contract that pays him around $24,431,818 for the 2020-21 season, and he's under contract for a few more years after that. It is clear that the De'Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield duo isn't going far in the West. The drafting of Tyrese Haliburton is another reason that the Kings should trade Hield: Haliburton will need a steady dose of touches to develop. The Sacramento Kings could fully focus on the future, and trade Hield to a contender while he's in the middle of his prime. Getting his contract off the books while acquiring some assets in return is a good move.

Kyle Kuzma could flourish on the Sacramento Kings. A formerly talented scorer, Kuzma took a backseat to LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the scoring department in order to win a championship. If traded to the Sacramento Kings Kuzma could take a more prominent role in an offense that would be more fitting to his development timeline as a player. Hield is two years older than Kuzma and takes up a spot in the backcourt rotation. The Sacramento Kings could go all-in on younger prospects like Kyle Kuzma and Alex Caruso and build a young core for the future. Hield will only get older, and the Kings will stay stagnant if they don't make a move.

The Lakers Get A 3PT Sniper

Stephen Curry is the best shooter in the league until he proves otherwise. But after that, who's up next with Klay Thompson's injury? That is unclear, but Buddy Hield can be that player. Last season, Hield shot 39.4% from the 3PT line, while attempting 9.6 attempts a game. That type of marksmanship on such a large volume puts him in the category of the most elite shooters in the league. If Hield gets traded to the Lakers, then the shooting guard could have an even better year. On the Kings he was asked to be a primary creation option, doing everything on the offensive end with De'Aaron Fox: but if he wasn't the main focus of the opposing defense, he could thrive.

LeBron James is at his best when the floor is spread out: he can be a wrecking ball when driving to the rim or pass out to an open shooter. Hield would easily get to play off-ball and shoot open threes: based on his percentages he would have a field day with the looks James would be giving him. Hield is a scorer: scorers have an easier time scoring easy buckets. When you factor in the offensive presences of Dennis Schroder and Anthony Davis, then you can see how Hield would have significantly more room for his game to operate. The Lakers would become a full-fledged superteam, and cement their position as the team to beat during the 2020-21 season.

This deal works well for both franchises. The Los Angeles Lakers get another perimeter shot creator to increase their stranglehold on being the team to beat. The Sacramento Kings develop for the future and get rid of a huge contract. Each team takes becomes a step closer to their goal with this trade.


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