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NBA Rumors: Lakers Could Land LaMarcus Aldridge For Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green And JaVale McGee

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off winning their league-leading 17th NBA Championship but that doesn't mean that they're satisfied or won't try to become an even better team next season.

It's clear that the Lakers could still make a move or two to improve their roster, especially considering that the Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers, and Brooklyn Nets are all going to be back at full strength and even better next season.

That's why Jonathan Kiernan of FanSided claimed that the team could look to trade Danny Green, Kyle Kuzma, and JaVale McGee to the San Antonio Spurs in return for LaMarcus Aldridge to round up their Big 3:

“For his size and position, LaMarcus Aldridge is an exceptional shooter. The lack of respect that Dwight Howard and JaVale McGee got on the perimeter would not be allowed whilst Aldridge is on the floor. He is way too consistent from deep for teams not to give him respect from outside. This in turn gives the likes of Anthony Davis and LeBron James even more room to get their way to the basket and punish teams on a nightly basis. Aldridge can also step in and allow Davis to cook from the outside also," the report said.

Kyle Kuzma reportedly impressed Gregg Popovich during their time together with Team USA, so it wouldn't be surprising for him to be interested in him. He's already coached Danny Green and knows what he's capable of doing, and JaVale McGee is the rim protector and rebounder that would perfectly fit their system.

As for the Lakers, they'd have another scorer that they could trust down the stretch and that could give them more space for LeBron James and Anthony Davis when they drive. Also, LaMarcus Aldridge has been rumored to want out of San Antonio for a while now, so this trade would be a win-win scenario for everybody involved.