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NBA Rumors: Lakers Could Trade For Derrick Rose

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

In the midst of a resurgence, Derrick Rose has become a name frequently mentioned in trade talks this season.

Specifically, he has been attached to the Los Angeles Lakers who, after acquiring LeBron James and Anthony Davis, are hoping to bring home their 17th NBA Championship. In need of a play-making, ball-handling guard, Derrick Rose would be an ideal get for L.A., but one that would not come cheap.

In a recent article, Bleacher Report's Zach Buckley noted what the acquisition of Rose would mean for the Lakers, and how they might be able to pull it off.

“When James needs a breather, this group struggles to function without him. The Lakers have a plus-10.5 net rating with him but a minus-1.9 mark when he sits. That’s too big of a swing not to address at the deadline. The Lakers have a glaring need for more playmaking, and Derrick Rose could be an excellent source of it. The former MVP is averaging career bests in points (25.4) and assists (8.1) per 36 minutes. He’s a better shooter at the rim now than ever (68.3 percent within three feet), so he could thrive in the same drive-and-kick role as James.”

Fitting the two together could be a challenge, but Rose would step in and immediately be the team's second-best table-setter and No. 3 scorer. There's enough talent to overcome some of the overlap. Besides, if a deal for Rose involves Kyle Kuzma (a potentially necessary piece to win a bidding war), it could make the roster better balanced by alleviating some of the frontcourt congestion.

The lowly Pistons are stuck in a drought and are, seemingly, considering a full-on rebuild. A Rose/Kuzma swap could be the first step in starting that process.

As for L.A., the former MVP would be competing for a Championship alongside capable veteran stars who could help him adjust and find his role with the team.

Expect conversations like this to continue as February's deadline draws closer.