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NBA Rumors: Lakers Could Trade For J.J. Redick

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

The L.A. Lakers are clearly among the Western elite this season. Behind the combined forces of Anthony Davis and LeBron James, they are poised to make a significant playoff run this spring.

Unfortunately, the steep competition has made them winning anything but a guarantee. The Clippers, Nuggets, Jazz, and Rockets are expected to be competing for the NBA Finals.

So, how can the Lakers give themselves an edge over the rest? Shooting.

Both Davis and Bron do well when they are surrounded by shooters. Besides Danny Green, the Lakers lack a consistent perimeter threat. According to Jason Reed of Fansided’s L.A. Sports Hub, the team could look to plug that hole with a certain shooting guard in New Orleans.

“Rob Pelinka and David Griffin might be on the phone some more as J.J. Redick is the perfect veteran trade piece for the Lakers to consider, even though he does not really fit the wing defender or ball-handler mold. What Redick does bring is sharpshooting that will be lethal around James and Davis and add another scoring output for the team as well as playoff experience. Redick has so much playoff experience due to the fact that he has never missed the playoffs in his entire career. There is a risk that he misses the playoffs in New Orleans but can be saved by being traded to the Lakers.”

Ideally, a KCP/Redick swap would make sense for both sides. KCP is on a slightly cheaper deal, meaning the Pelicans get to save some cap along with getting some picks or young players that L.A. would no doubt include in the package.

Obviously, for the Lakers, the presence of Redick would bolster their offense and help cement the team as favorites in the West. Through 5 games so far this season, Redick is averaging 9 points 37% shooting from downtown.