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NBA Rumors: Lakers Could Trade Kyle Kuzma And Danny Green For Buddy Hield

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

With LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Los Angeles Lakers are set up to be good for a very long time. But what they are able to accomplish in that time is entirely up to what kind of improvements the front-office is able to make.

The team was able to secure the best record in the West -- but it was clear they had room to improve.

Which is why, in an article by Bleacher Report‘s Preston Ellis, he explains why a potential deal for Sacramento's Buddy Hield could be in the works this offseason.

Adding a third star to a team with a 5.5-game lead in the Western Conference may appear unnecessary, but the Los Angeles Lakers are not without their share of flaws. 

Buddy Hield became more dispensable with an expensive four-year, $86 million deal, coupled with the Sacramento Kings' desire to re-sign Bogdan Bogdanovic to a four-year max. Head coach Luke Walton even benched Hield late in the season, possibly sealing his fate.

The Lakers' offensive rating when Davis plays and James sits is an alarming 105.7. Hield can operate on the ball, shoots 39.5 percent on 9.7 three-point attempts per game and has an assist percentage in the 79th percentile among wings. His offensive skill set and four-year deal would ensure he'll be making shots alongside Davis for years to come.

It's no secret that Hield's antics in Sacramento will put him on the trade block this summer. For the right price, L.A. could take him off their hands.

As a ball-handler and scorer, he can be a lethal weapon on the perimeter for L.A., especially alongside AD and Bron, who will get him plenty of open looks on the outside.

For the Kings, they got rid of their problem player for two players who can have an immediate impact. Green can help them on defense and replace some of what Hield provided on offense, while Kuzma gives them a young guy with potential whom they can develop.

It's a win-win for both teams and the players involved but as we've learned in the NBA, there are no guarantees. We'll have to wait until summer to fin don't how the situation develops.