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NBA Rumors: Lakers 'Don't Have the Assets' to Complete Anthony Davis Deal


Sometimes your best just isn’t good enough, The Lakers, despite their apparent willingness to trade anyone not named LeBron James, might still just not have enough to trade for Anthony Davis.

Mostly, the Lakers’ deal would revolve around some package involving Ball, Hart, Kuzma, Ingram, or Zubac. Problem is, as ESPN’s Brian Windhorst explains, none of those players really intrigue the Pelicans enough to make a deal.

"For Davis, a top-five arguable player who is going to be desired in many different markets, the Lakers just don't have the assets. ... It's just not enough for the Pelicans. They just don't like what the Lakers have to offer. And that is not lost on Davis. That is why it's pretty clear his camp is waging a battle to make Boston not even bid so the Lakers have a chance. Because it's as clear as day that Boston can outbid the Lakers. They just don't have the assets."

Windhorst does point out that while those young guys might be enough for most other stars, it just isn’t appealing for a return on Davis, widely recognized as one of the top five best talents in the game.

As time goes on, it’s becoming clear that only the Celtics can really offer New Orleans what they want. Which means, because Boston can’t make any moves until the summer, an Anthony Davis Trade might not even happen this season at all.

This is obviously a devastating blow to the Lakers who had their eyes on the superstar big man for years.

The Lakers might have to hope for free-agency to get their next franchise star.