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NBA Rumors: Lakers Making Significant Progress In Anthony Davis Trade

(via USA Today)

(via USA Today)

Despite all the embarassing dysfuntion going on in Los Angeles, one can't help but sense they might be on the verge of something big.

From the beginning, signing a top tier star long-term was always a stretch -- even before the drama hit its climax. Their best-bet for redemption remains on the trade market. Anthony Davis, specifically, is the key.

According to Ian Begley, the Lakers are making progress toward completing an Anthony Davis trade involving a third team.

Essentially, only the Lakers really have the leverage and pieces needed to complete a deal. As much as the Pelicans might like Jayson Tatum, it is unlikely the Celtics risk trading for another star that might end up leaving in a year.

L.A.'s chances rest on what a third team is willing to give up. If they can meet New Orleans' demands, it is likely a done deal.

Davis' push coupled with the arrival of David Griffin seems to have given Lakers a better chance at landing AD. We will see what other moves they can muster this summer.