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NBA Rumors: Lakers Refused To Trade Alex Caruso And Other Assets For Derrick Rose



The Los Angeles Lakers haven't been shy about dipping their foot in the trade market this season.

Reportedly on the lookout for a ball-handler/shooter, there are a number of names the team is rumored to have interest in. But according to ESPN's Jorge Sedano, they turned down an offer involving Detroit's Derrick Rose for Alex Caruso and others.

“I’ve heard rumblings that the Lakers said no to that,” Sedano said. “Nothing confirmed. … I’ve heard through hushed tones and whispers.”

Derrick Rose is currently in the middle of a resurgence in Detroit. Averaging close to 20 points per game, he has been one of the few brights spots for a struggling Pistons team.

As a ball-handling, multi-faceted offensive threat, Rose would be a big addition for L.A. With the combined powers of Rose, LeBron, and Davis, they'd be favorites to come out of the West.

But, in the end, the Lakers refused the deal. In their minds, Alex Caruso and multiple picks were apparently more then what they are willing to give up for Rose. Was it the right call?

Clearly, not everyone thinks it is.