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NBA Rumors: Lakers Want Spencer Dinwiddie And Dennis Schroder

(via The Day)

(via The Day)

The Los Angeles Lakers have been among the most active teams in trade talks this season.

With questions about the future of Kyle Kuzma and some of the other role-players, there is a belief that the Lakers are ready to make a big move ahead of tomorrow's deadline.

Targets include OKC's Dennis Schroder, who does a little bit of everything on the court, and Brooklyn's Spencer Dinwiddie, who has been an All-Star candidate all year long.

Unfortunately for L.A., they likely don't have the right kind of pieces to offer the Thunder. The organization is clearly going young and there is no need to dish Schroder for a veteran when they're in the playoff picture anyway.

As for Dinwiddie, there isn't even anything to support that they would consider trading him at this time. The Lakers have attempted to orchestrate a deal anyway, and he'd obviously be a huge acquisition.

Needless to say, both scenarios are a stretch for the Lakers, but they do indicate their plans to patch up the hole in the backcourt.

If they are after Schroder and Spencer, you can expect them to be active in other pursuits around the league. L.A. needs another ball-handler, and they intend to get it.