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NBA Rumors: LaMarcus Aldridge Could Be A Potential Trade Target For The New York Knicks

NBA Rumors: LaMarcus Aldridge Could Be A Potential Trade Target For The New York Knicks

With LaMarcus Aldridge on the way out from San Antonio, the location of his next destination continues to among the biggest talking points throughout the NBA community.

With the Heat, Blazers, and even Nets labeled as the biggest candidates to land him, Nekias Duncan of Basketball News suggested another team that could be in the hunt: the New York Knicks. Here's what he wrote in a recent article:

(via Basketball News)

The Knicks are ahead of schedule right now, currently sitting at No. 7 in the East with a 19-19 record. They’re headlined by a top-five defense and held back by a bottom-10 offense. 

Aldridge represents a near-perfect storm as a potential trade target: he’s a name, fills a need (frontcourt spacing), wouldn’t cost a core piece, wouldn’t cut into future cap space and could make life easier on the young players that matter.

The Knicks are still in a state of prioritizing young talent, but Aldridge is a guy who can make a positive impact without getting in the way of their developing young talent.

An idea worth exploring: a Nerlens Noel/Aldridge swap. The Knicks would have to add slight filler to make things work -- Ignas Brazdeikas’ $1.5 million would do -- but that shouldn’t be difficult to accomplish. 

Aldridge would operate as the back-up 5, spacing the floor and allowing rookster Obi Toppin more room to flourish as a roll threat in pick-and-roll. Giving RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley a pop threat would make their lives so much easier in the half-court.

This season, at 35-years-old, LaMarcus is averaging 13.7 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 1.7 assists per game on 46.6% shooting for the Spurs.

In New York, he could be key in helping them take another step forward in the East. But it remains to be seen if the Knickerbockers will be willing to pay the price to get him.