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NBA Rumors: LeBron Wants To Play With Damian Lillard


Nowadays, stars are flying from team to team faster than ever before.

Kawhi, Kyrie, KD, DeMarcus, LeBron, and likely Jimmy Butler by the end of the month. Stars like these are commanding their destiny in a way that was never possible before. In fact, if you hadn't watched the league in five years, you'd have no idea what the NBA would be like now.

With all this being said, yet another star could be staring at change, and this time it could help form an L.A. superteam.

Here's a quote by Kevin O'Connor, from The Ringer podcast:

LeBron wants to play with Damian Lillard. He’s one of the guys he’d like to play with and that’s chatter around the league. It has been since before LeBron signed with the Lakers, it was one of the many indicators that he was heading there.

Damian Lillard's connection to the Lakers has long been preached.

Not only is he from the Southern California area, but the star guard himself is said to have a major interest in joining the Lakers.

As far as LeBron's feelings, it makes sense that he'd like the idea of pairing with Lillard. The guy is a solid two-way player with exactly the passion and toughness that The King looks for in his teammates. They'd be a perfect fit.

Right now, Lillard technically doesn't hit the open market until 2021. But if he made enough noise (like Butler and Kyrie), forcing a trade to Los Angeles is definitely an option. And obviously, with LeBron's blessing, the Lakers would be more than willing to make an offer.