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NBA Rumors: Lonzo Ball Off The Table For Lakers


Per usual, a ridiculous amount of rumors have swirled about the Lakers this season.

With the arrival of LeBron, the team is facing increasing pressure to perform at an elite level. Mediocrity will no longer do.

As a result, some are convinced the Lakers are better off trading their young core for an established star. For a while, Lonzo Ball was a part of those rumors.

Safe to say, we can calm down on that now.

In a report published Friday, Amico Hoops‘ Ben Stinar noted a league source as he wrote that the Lakers have not been shopping Ball around to other teams, contrary to the report that came out a few days ago that the Lakers were planning to trade Ball and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to the Wizards for Wall.

This season, Lonzo is averaging 8.4 points per game on 39% shooting with 4.9 assists. Certainly not outstanding numbers, but his impact on the court is noticed.

His defensive prowess and advanced playmaking ability make him one of the team's more valuable players.

But again, is keeping him worth it if it keeps them from trading for another star? It's a pressing decision to make, but, it's one they'll have to figure out if they want to maximize LeBron's time in Los Angeles.