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NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, And Miami Heat Are The Best Teams For Blake Griffin

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Blake Griffin is a former All-Star who has been on the Detroit Pistons in recent memory. The Detroit Pistons are entering a rebuild, and it could be best for them to give Blake Griffin's minutes to their younger players for developmental purposes. Usually, that would mean that Blake Griffin would be traded: but due to the size of his contract, few teams have the ability to match the Detroit Pistons as a potential trade partner.

Recently, Shams Charania has reported that Blake Griffin may be headed for a buyout with the Detroit Pistons. A buyout would let the Pistons move forward with their new direction, and also let Blake Griffin go to another team.

Sources tell me and The Athletic’s James Edwards III that the Pistons are expected to work toward a contract buyout with forward Blake Griffin.

With Blake Griffin headed for a buyout, it is certain that he would head to a team where he could play competitive basketball in the playoffs towards the latter stages of his career. Here are the three best teams that could use the veteran's abilities.

3. Miami Heat

The Miami Heat need to make the most out of Jimmy Butler's prime. Butler has shown that he can carry a team to the NBA Finals, but the Miami Heat need a little extra to actually win the championship. Blake Griffin could be a solid big man who can guard players inside and shoot the 3PT shot. While Blake Griffin wasn't a shooter during his time with the Los Angeles Clippers, on the Detroit Pistons he has worked on his jump shot. His floor spacing could be useful next to Jimmy Butler, who isn't the best threat from distance.

A buyout would let the Miami Heat add talent to their roster for a veteran minimum contract. Blake Griffin is a multifaceted player who could help any roster with his experience. He is also an underrated facilitator. On the Miami Heat, Blake Griffin would be a solid bench player who can give decent minutes. Perhaps he could bring the defense on the interior as well, and help the Miami Heat get some size against bigger matchups.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

Generally, going to a team with LeBron James with it after a buyout is a good move if you want to compete for a championship. Anthony Davis is out, and the Los Angeles Lakers need a big man who can give them consistent minutes until his return. Blake Griffin could be the solution to this dilemma for the Los Angeles Lakers. Adding more talent is never bad, and we have seen former All-Stars such as Marc Gasol and Dwight Howard do well when playing next to LeBron James in limited roles.

While Blake Griffin is far from his peak, he could try and have a career renaissance with the Los Angeles Lakers on the biggest stage. That could help him earn another contract that is more lucrative than a veteran minimum. His floor spacing would let him play next to LeBron James, and he could be a useful piece in order to improve the depth on the roster.

1. Los Angeles Clippers

Blake Griffin going back to the Los Angeles Clippers and competing for a ring would be a great story. But aside from it being a great story, Blake Griffin could be useful on the Los Angeles Clippers for his basketball skills. On the Los Angeles Clippers, he could be a scoring threat off the bench next to other savvy veterans such as Marcus Morris and Lou Williams. Getting Griffin as a depth big man would be an insane steal for the Los Angeles Clippers.

While Blake Griffin wouldn't be the star he used to be on the Los Angeles Clippers, he could still contribute in a meaningful role to a championship-caliber team. He would be playing with two superstars in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard who would carry most of the offensive load. Blake Griffin joining the Los Angeles Clippers is a real possibility, and he could help them solidify their bench. All he'd be expected to do is hit open shots, move the ball, and play good defense. That would be a perfect role for him as of now.


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