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NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Could Send A Perfect Package For Bradley Beal

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NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Could Send A Perfect Package For Bradley Beal

The Miami Heat are a team that has underperformed this season. After Jimmy Butler led them to the NBA Finals last season, they have faltered so far in the season, and have played in an inconsistent manner. They are currently the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference and look far from the Finals team that was in the NBA bubble last season. They already have two All-Star caliber players in Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo which gives them a solid core. They just need that extra player that can put the team over the top.

A player that could be perfect for the Miami Heat is Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards. The Miami Heat were rumored to have interest in him before the trade deadline, and he would be a solid fit on their roster. Here is a potential trade package that could send Bradley Beal to Miami.

Miami Heat Receive: Bradley Beal

Washington Wizards Receive: Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson (sign-and-trade), Andre Iguodala, KZ Okpala, 2024 First-Round Pick

Washington Wizards Rebuild Completely

In the eventuality that Bradley Beal is traded, the Washington Wizards will likely enter a rebuild. To have a successful rebuild, one must have some younger players that can dominate the touches and then develop. The Miami Heat have some exciting prospects that they can offer. Tyler Herro is a capable shot-creator that is currently averaging 14.8 PPG. While his efficiency is lower compared to last season, a lot of players have inefficient years before eventually developing into better players. Duncan Robinson is an amazing shooter, who is currently averaging 13.1 PPG and shooting 40.9% from the 3PT range. Those would be the centerpieces for the package, as Herro and Robinson definitely command some interest from around the league.

The rest of the package is also straightforward. Andre Iguodala would likely be the salary piece in this deal. KZ Okpala isn't as elite a prospect as Herro and Robinson, but he is still a player that could develop given the right minutes. The future pick would be draft compensation. The Miami Heat's contention window could be over by 2024, and that pick could end up being valuable. Overall, the Miami Heat would send out a fair amount of assets that could help build the Washington Wizards' future.

Miami Heat Gain An Electric Shooting Guard

Bradley Beal hasn't had the chance to play in the playoffs for a while, and perhaps this is the offseason where a team that is contending decides to trade for him. This season, Bradley Beal is averaging 31.1 PPG, and this is one of the best seasons of his career. Perhaps this is the offseason where a contending team could trade for Bradley Beal, and give him the opportunity to compete at the highest level. With Beal, the Miami Heat would be clear favorites in the Eastern Conference. Adding a shooting guard who can take over their scoring would be amazing, and take some of the scoring pressure off of Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. It would also give the Miami Heat an amazing big three, that could compete with the top-tier teams from this season.

Bradley Beal is a capable off-ball player, and his movement would pair well with Jimmy Butler's ability to set up his teammates. Beal would give the Heat a clear-cut first scoring option and could push them into contention for the title. Beal led the league in scoring for a while this season, and with better teammates, he'd probably have a lot more space to work with and less defensive pressure. The Miami Heat would give provide Bradley Beal with a ready-made core that has already made the Finals. Perhaps Beal could be part of the solution for their championship puzzle.


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