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NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Want Bradley Beal But They Don't Want To Give Herro, Duncan, Achiuwa, And Picks

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

The Miami Heat were linked with a move for James Harden at some point after the Houston Rockets player revealed his intentions of leaving the team. The Heat were one of the teams interested in a move for the player but things fell apart due to the Rockets' demands.

Now they have reportedly placed their attention on a different player and things could go easy for the Heat, but they need to put together a compelling package to unlock negotiations. According to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald (H/T RealGM), the Heat have "high" interest in Bradley Beal now that James Harden is off the market. Jackson adds that the Heat would call things off if the Wizards as a high price for the talented shooting guard.

The Miami Heat continue to have a "high" level of interest in trading for Bradley Beal, a source told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

The Washington Wizards have maintained Beal is not available.

The Heat could offer first-round picks in 2025 and 2027 along with Tyler Herro and either Duncan Robinson or Precious Achiuwa.

The recent trend in trades involving stars has been for teams to send out their entire suite of future draft picks and swaps, which limits Miami's ability to trade for Beal depending on how Washington values the young players already on the Heat.

The Heat were unwilling to give up Herro, Robinson and Achiuwa for James Harden.

The Heat value Herro, Robinson and Achiuwa, who just arrived on the team this season. They know they have a very good group of young players, who already played in the Finals last season so giving up all their future doesn't sound like a good idea for the team.

Beal is having a terrific season for the Wizards but the capital team isn't accompanying the player. He can be a great addition to any team in the association and perhaps he could be the answer to all the questions Miami has right now after a struggling start to the season.