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NBA Rumors: Nets Could Trade Kevin Durant For Karl-Anthony Towns

NBA Rumors: Nets Could Trade Kevin Durant For Karl-Anthony Towns

After another disappointing season in Brooklyn, the Nets are getting ready to bounce back next year, hoping to land the right players to compete for the NBA championship once and for all. During their first two years together with the Nets, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have failed to win the championship, and fans are already doubting they can get the job done. 

A lot has been said about Kyrie's future with the franchise, as contradicting reports suggest he'll be on the team next season, while others claim the Nets won't commit to him long-term. That said, it looks like Kyrie could leave the organization this offseason, but the Nets might have other plans that don't involve the veteran point guard. 

According to an anonymous NBA general manager, the Brooklynites could deal Kevin Durant, but only for one player that could put the Nets in a privileged position. 

“For me, the only guy you could realistically trade Kevin Durant for is Karl-Anthony Towns. Minnesota is not trying to move him, and the Nets are not out there pushing for KD to be traded. But if it is something KD wanted, that is a team he could go to and turn into a contender right away,” the NBA GM told Heavy’s Sean Deveney.

"You give Anthony Edwards a really, really good mentor. They have some role players there. You add a free agent, and they’re one of the better teams in the West. But it is a tough thing to do, to trade a player like Durant.”

This is an interesting idea for both Nets and Timberwolves, but Kevin Durant is a world-class talent and one of the best 15 players of all time, so it's hard to see Brooklyn getting shipped to Minnesota just like that. Karl-Anthony Towns hasn't lived up to the expectations and even though he's younger than KD, he's not at the same level as the 2x NBA champion.

Then again, perhaps in the right position, he can thrive. Joining forces with Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons could be good for KAT. Yet, it seems like KD will be the one riding with the two guards, trying to compete for that elusive NBA championship.