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NBA Rumors: Nuggets Refused To Include Jamal Murray In Deal For Anthony Davis


The Lakers won the Anthony Davis sweepstakes, but they were not the only ones in contention. The Celtics and Nuggets were among other teams in the conversation. And in regard to the latter, they might have been closer to a deal if they were willing to let go if one player in particular.

(via Denver Post)

If the Nuggets believed that Davis would’ve considered staying past next season, they would’ve been more aggressive in trying to acquire the six-time All-Star, according to a source. They were confident that that wasn’t the case.

Furthermore, the Pelicans insisted that any potential deal for Davis had to include Nuggets rising star Jamal Murray. That was a non-starter for the Nuggets, who a month ago finished their most successful season in a decade.

For Denver, they obviously weren't willing to pay the price for Anthony Davis knowing he was only going to sign on a one-year rental. Whether or not that was the right move is something we will never know, but clearly, Denver holds Jamal Murray in high esteem. He will have time to prove them right in the end as the team attempts to secure a long postseason run in the years to come.