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NBA Rumors: OKC Wants to Trade Chris Paul As Soon As Possible

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

With the reunion of Russ and James Harden set, most are wondering what happens to 34-year-old Chris Paul, who is now stepping into a scene in OKC with no chance of contention.

A trade seems inevitable to happen in the coming days.

After problems surfaced between the stars, it became clear that James Harden and Chris Paul could no longer co-exist. CP3's age and declining game made him the one to get exiled. There is no clear path for the 9x All-Star.

When the Thunder made the rade for him, it was more about getting the picks in return than anything else. Buy all accounts, OKC has no intention of letting Paul play a single game for them. The Heat, Magic, and Mavs are rumored to have interest in trading for the star point guard.

But if he agrees to a buyout, he could join LeBron or Kawhi and Paul George in Los Angeles. Either way, expect another move here before the month is out.