NBA Rumors: Orlando Magic Could Trade Evan Fournier And Aaron Gordon

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via Getty Images

via Getty Images

The Orlando Magic have a 13-21 record and are stuck in the 13th seed in the Eastern Conference. Despite having two-time All-Star Nikola Vucevic on the team, they have not been able to win games, in part due to the injury to Markelle Fultz. With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, it would make sense for Orlando to trade some of its veteran players in order to build for the future around their young core.

Recently, Brian Windhorst has come out and stated that the Orlando Magic would potentially be willing to trade Evan Fournier and that Aaron Gordon could be moved as well. According to Windhorst, Aaron Gordon has been talked about by executives in the league.

The Orlando Magic have been a mid-tier team for the last few years, being good enough to make the playoffs but not good enough to get past the first round. Perhaps it could be time to let the young talent on the team like Jonathan Isaac flourish, and shake up the roster. Evan Fournier is an elite shooter, while Aaron Gordon is a multi-positional defender. They both have useful skillsets and could help any roster in the league.

While nothing is finalized quite yet, it seems plausible that the Orlando Magic would try to move some of their players in order to recalibrate for competition next season. Trading some of their more valuable veterans would certainly signal a new direction, one that focuses on the future.