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NBA Rumors: Pelicans Reject Lakers Offer, Want Jayson Tatum This Summer


The Lakers recently offered up their most impressive trade offer yet, with all their young players, multiple first round picks, and the willingness to take on some of NOLA's salary hit in Solomon Hill.

Jayson Tatum isn't included in any of those offers though, and it could spell bad news for the Lakers. Because at least according to Fletcher Mackel, Tatum is the deal breaker for New Orleans in all of this Anthony Davis drama.

The organization seems split on taking the L.A. deal. It seems Jayson Tatum is a very attractive player for the Pels, and probably the only team with the position to get him right now. He'd be the perfect replacement for Davis, and it would be interesting to see what he does in a team on his own.

Because of Tatum, they've rejected the offer made by the Lakers earlier today, likely electing to wait until the summer time to see what the Celtics can offer.

It's not too late to change their mind, though (if you've L.A.) how do you compete with Boston, who has more assets than you can hope to have right now?