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NBA Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers Could Trade Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris Shut Down 76ers Fans Who Were Booing Him And Then Started To Cheer Him: "Don't F*cking Clap."

(via 6ABC)

The Philadelphia 76ers flamed out in the second round this season, being upset by Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks despite the best efforts of superstar Joel Embiid. It is clear that there must be some changes to the roster before they are a championship-caliber team. There has been a lot of talk about the 76ers potentially trading All-Star Ben Simmons elsewhere in search of an upgrade to the team, though it seems that another member of the 76ers is on the trade market.

Mitch Lawrence of SiriusXM NBA Radio has recently reported that the 76ers have been shopping Tobias Harris and that the Houston Rockets have already turned down a trade for the forward. Tobias Harris had a solid season this year, averaging 19.5 PPG, 6.8 RPG, and 3.5 APG while shooting a solid 51.2% from the field and 39.4% from beyond the arc.

While a lot of people would agree that Tobias Harris is overpaid, the fact is despite that, he is still a very good player who can score fairly efficiently. It remains to be seen what sort of assets the 76ers could acquire for Harris, and which teams could potentially be interested in acquiring the forward. It is easy to see why the Houston Rockets rejected the deal: they are clearly in the middle of a rebuild, and having Tobias Harris' long-term contract on the books could rob them of flexibility in the future.

The 76ers have shown a patient approach to making trades thus far. It has been reported that they have asked for an exorbitant amount for Ben Simmons, demanding a "Harden-esque" package that consisted of an All-Star caliber player, draft picks, and draft swaps. If that approach is of any indication to their plans, we can likely assume that the 76ers won't make a trade until they feel they have a good return. The 76ers haven't made any big changes to the roster yet, though a star trade could be possible in the future.