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NBA Rumors: Portland Trail Blazers Might Use Hassan Whiteside To Trade For Kevin Love Or Blake Griffin

(via USA News Hub)

(via USA News Hub)

The rumors surrounding the Trail Blazers hinted that the team was considering making a move even before the season began. Their offseason was not a good one, and they lost much of what made them one of the top teams in the West last year.

Now that the new season is underway, and the Blazers are tucked away at 11th in the Western Conference, those rumors have only intensified with every passing day.

A month ago, we published a scenario in which Portland would trade for Kevin Love and Pistons All-Star, Blake Griffin. With new evidence strengthening those possibilities, it seems almost inevitable now that the Blazers will make some kind of trade. Hassan Whiteside has now been linked to these rumors.

In his recent article, Eric Griffith of SB Nation’s Blazer’s Edge suggested that the Trail Blazers could explore the possibility of using Whiteside’s expiring contract as a trade chip to acquire more star-power in the frontcourt.

Option 2: Trade Whiteside for a player on a multi-year contract.

This scenario is floated most often, with players like Kevin Love and Blake Griffin being mentioned.

Starting-quality forward is acquired and will be retained for multiple years, turning the Blazers hypothetical cap space into a tangible asset without contract negotiation. Hood and Bazemore could be retained using Bird rights.

At 29-years-old, and in the midst of his best season as a pro, Damian Lillard has no time to wait. Portland is in "win-now" mode, and this season is quickly evaporating before their eyes.

While Whiteside hasn't been terrible for the Blazers and is their only healthy starting big man, he hasn't lived up to his potential and isn't necessarily the best fit for the team.

If they are really looking to make a significant move, Whiteside may provide them the clearest path to do it.