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NBA Rumors: Rockets Aggressively Working To Trade Carmelo Anthony


After reports indicated that Carmelo's playing days may not be done, after all, it sounds like the Rockets are finally getting serious about trying to trade him.

In case you didn't know, Melo has technically still been on Houston's roster this entire time despite the team basically declaring him unplayable. But after months of secrecy, Daryl Morey has committed to finding a trade partner for the 34-year old scorer to pursue free-agent big man Kenneth Faried.

Faried averaged 11.3 points and 8.1 rebounds in his first seven seasons with the Denver Nuggets and is expected to clear waivers Monday after being let go by the Brooklyn Nets. With Faried being past the point of helping for the future, had no real use for the Nets, who are much more focused on D'Angelo Russell and signing stars in July than they are on older veteran big men.

The Rockets, who have just added Clint Capela to their injury list, certainly have nothing to lose by adding him. The only thing in their way is an open roster spot, meaning Melo will have to go before they can bring in Faried. Technically, they could waive him, but unnamed league sources added that the Rockets do not plan to take that route for some reason.