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NBA Rumors: Rockets And Wizards Discussed Russell Westbrook, John Wall Trade

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

The market for All-Star guard Russell Westbrook has been described as "slow" by multiple league-wide reports.

But as the Rockets consider their future, they continue to work to find potential deals for their unhappy point guard, and a few teams have emerged as possible candidates.

Namely, the Washington Wizards are reportedly proposing a deal centered around their own star, John Wall.

Wall, who has not played since early in the 2018-19 season, is coming off an Achilles injury that has seriously threatened his athleticism. Now on the other side of 30, the Wizards point guard faces major uncertainty about his return to the court. He is owed over $120 million over the next three seasons.

In return, the Wizards get to pair Russell Westbrook with sharpshooter Bradley Beal, who is coming off the 2019-20 season having averaged 30.5 points on 45.5% shooting. And, despite all the criticisms and flaws, Westbrook is among the best point guards in the NBA, and his presence would make the Wizards in the instant lock in the postseason.

But are they willing to take the gamble of trading one star for another? We'll find out soon enough.