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NBA Rumors: Rockets May Pursue Bradley Beal Trade

(via Washington Post)

(via Washington Post)

It has been days since Daryl Morey put most of his roster on the trade block. Houston has a lot of good pieces, but they all come at a steep price. Chris Paul, in particular, is going to be nearly impossible to move, thanks to the 4-year, $159 million contract he signed last summer.

One trade that might work involves Clint Capela to Washington in exchange for sharp-shooting guard Bradley Beal.

“Bradley Beal needs to pop up on the Rockets’ radar if the Wizards start taking offers. Clint Capela, 25, is under contract for another four years at a not-unreasonable $72.2 million, and Washington doesn’t yet have its center of the future," writes Dan Favale of Bleacher Report. "Working in other salary filler won’t be easy if Nene retires, but Capela, Clark and two first-rounders is a legitimate starting point. Beal is worth the cost. He’ll be 26 when next season tips off, with two more years left on his deal, and his arrival would allow the Rockets to lean further into their heavy-playmaking model while softening the blow of Chris Paul’s decline.”

Losing Capela would be a big loss for Houston, especially because they do not really have anybody to replace him. In exchange for Beal, they could go small, moving Nene or some other minimum salary big to the five.

Bradley Beal is, admittedly, an ideal fit in Mike D'Antoni's 3-point barrage system. As Favale points out, he is still young, has two years left on his deal, and would take significant pressure off Paul and Harden on the offensive end.

Granted, it isn't the greatest return, but probably close to the best they can get given the circumstances.