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NBA Rumors: Sacramento Kings Are Interested In Pascal Siakam

NBA Rumors- Sacramento Kings Are Interested In Pascal Siakam

With trades and signings happening in abundance, it's pretty to lose track of what's happening behind the scenes, especially regarding teams not in L.A. or Brooklyn.

But according to The Athletic's Sam Amick, Pascal Siakam has emerged as a trade target for the Sacramento Kings, marking the first real noise we've heard from the franchise all offseason long.

"The Kings definitely have interests and seem to have been waiting for clarity about to what degree the Raptors legitimately were willing to move Pascal. I don't get the sense that they know for sure, and that's pretty recent insight that I've been hearing.

I don't know how much interest they have in a guy like Buddy but [Pascal Siakam] is certainly a name that you hear with the Kings a lot."

The Kings find themselves in a complicated situation this summer. With tons of young talent that have gotten better every year, now seems like the time to make a move for Siakam -- a savvy two-way veteran who can help push them over the edge of playoff contention.

But with rumors of Buddy Hield's unhappiness with the team, it seems like the Kings are stuck unless they find a way to move him.

Might a Siakam deal be the way they move on from Buddy, or do the Raptors have other names in mind?

Whatever the case, Siakam could be the key to Sacramento making that jump in the Western Conference. Alongside De'Aaron Fox, he could really thrive.

It remains to be seen, however, if Siakam is even available, and what kind of price the Raptors are willing to part with him for.

Last season, he averaged 21.4 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 4.5 assists per game on 45.5% shooting.