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NBA Rumors: Sixers Asking Too Much For Markelle Fultz


Things have been eerily quiet on the Markelle Fultz front, who after seeking treatment for what has been diagnosed as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, has not been heard from again.

Now, the 76ers are trying to decide what's next -- although it's proving to be a challenge.

Not only is the ownership reportedly split on what to do, but their price on a return in any deal for him is way higher than any team is willing to pay.

(via the Philly Inquirer)

They view his becoming a star for another team worse than him remaining a Sixer and continuing to struggle. Former general manager Bryan Colangelo, who drafted Fultz, would get the blame in the latter scenario. However, the front-office holdovers and ownership group would have to look at themselves in the mirror if they trade Fultz for next to nothing and he goes on to become the star they thought he was going to be when they drafted him.

A league source said the Sixers don’t want to part ways with Fultz unless a first-round pick is packaged in a deal for him. And they’re not talking about a late first-rounder, either.

It appears that Philly is not willing to let go of Fultz for cheap. Problem is, his stock isn't exactly high right now, meaning the team isn't going to get a lot of offers.

So unless the Sixers can convince themselves to let go, his situation will continue to serve as a distraction for the team. It'll be interesting to see what they do as the trade deadline draws near.