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NBA Rumors: Sixers Could Trade For Devin Booker

(via Bright Side Of The Sun)

(via Bright Side Of The Sun)

Despite what some may think, the case could be made that the Philadelphia 76ers took a step back this summer. They lost much-needed shooters and closers in JJ Redick and Jimmy Butler only to replace them with 33-year-old big man Al Horford.

Point is, Philly is still far from being favored in the East. Might they make another move to get them there?

According to Matt Burke of Metro USA, Devin Booker could try to force his way out of Phoenix if things turn sour this season. One of the teams that could show interest in this scenario are the 76ers.

“The Sixers would need to ship out either Tobias Harris or Ben Simmons in a swap for Booker, and both are highly unlikely. Teams cannot trade newly signed free agents until December, and Simmons just signed an extension in Philly. The only scenario in which this would make sense is if the Sixers get off to a disastrous start to the 2019-20 season and [general manager] Elton Brand immediately knows he has to shake things up. It should be noted that Brand is not afraid to swing for the fences early in the season, as the trade for Jimmy Butler occurred in early November last year.”

The trade would only happen if both Philly and Phoenix struggle out of the gate. But, if they do, it a deal such as this could have some positive impacts for both sides.

In Philadelphia, it would address one of the biggest needs for the team: shooting. Though they'd have to give up a major piece in Simmons or Harris, Devin Booker would be an ideal fit next to Joel Embiid.

As for Phoenix, they get a clean slate and a young star who could help them win now and improve their defense.

It's a long-shot, for sure, but certainly not impossible -- especially if things do not go as planned.