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NBA Rumors: Sixers Interested In CJ McCollum

(via Rip City Project)

(via Rip City Project)

Averaging over 22 points per game this season, Portland's CJ McCollum is easily one of the best scoring guards in the NBA.

After seven seasons with the team, questions regarding his future have risen, mostly due to the Blazers' struggles this year. Losers of 5 straight, and 21 of their first 35, it's no secret that the team is looking to improve their standing.

Like it or not, CJ could be the key to any future moves, and a certain club in Philly has already stepped up as possible trade partners.

(per Brian Michael Jacobs)

At 28-years-old, CJ is still in the prime of his career. A team like Philly, who desperately needs shooting and scoring on the perimeter, would be a good place for McCollum to perfect his craft.

At 23-13, one could argue Philly as another team who's off to an underwhelming start this season. If they are looking at playings like CJ McCollum, the front-office clearly feels the same way. The question is, who can they hope to give up for him?