NBA Rumors: Spurs Could Trade LaMarcus Aldridge And DeMar DeRozan

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Credit: AP

Credit: AP

The San Antonio Spurs could be making a couple of big moves before the trade deadline strikes next March 25. The Texan team is ready to move on from two big players and they hope to do it sooner than later, according to recent reports.

They have been doing just fine this season, ranking as high as 4th in the Western Conference, still contending to make it to the top 4. Their season could take a turn in the near future as Marc J. Spears revealed that they are looking to trade two of their veterans, DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge.

"Another name is San Antonio, is kind of surprising" Spears said on ESPN's 'The Jump'. "LaMarcus Aldridge's name has been bandied about. Also, a little bit I'm hearing is DeMar DeRozan."

These two will see their contracts end with the Spurs next summer and San Antonio doesn't want to miss their chance to cash in on these players while they still have the chance. DeRozan has been great for the team this season, embracing his role as a leader and mentor for the young guys while Aldridge has struggled to remain healthy.

It's unclear if teams around the league will turn their eyes to San Antonio to get one of DeRozan and Aldridge. The former Toronto Raptors guard could be a big second option for a contender and Aldridge could still make some damage coming off the bench but time will tell how this situation ends for the Spurs and their players.