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NBA Rumors: Spurs May Consider Trading For Steven Adams

(via Cardiac Hill)

(via Cardiac Hill)

With the Warriors weakened and "superteams" split, the Spurs are in an age of new opportunity in the Western Conference. Yet, at the same time, they lack the depth to truly compete as a Championship contender.

The only way to take advantage of the suddenly wide-open league is to make a move -- and OKC's Steven Adams could check all the boxes.

In an article by Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report, he suggests a trade for the Spurs involving the 26-year-old big man.

“If this is the direction they want to go in, they should make a play for stranded center Steven Adams. The 26-year-old is waiting for some competitive club to pull him out of the wreckage in OKC and drop him back into the playoff race. The Spurs could scratch that itch, and he’d return the favor by anchoring the middle and allowing LaMarcus Aldridge to get back to his comfort zone at the 4.”

“What an Adams-Aldridge frontcourt lacks in athleticism, it might compensate for with size and brute strength. Adams does the dirty work as a screener and rebounder, which would free Aldridge and DeRozan to handle the scoring duties.”

Acquiring Adams makes all too much sense for the Spurs. Aldridge could return to his natural position at the four, and Adams could help the Spurs rebound and defend around the rim.

It is not yet known what kind of package the Spurs could send in return, but one young player and a few picks should be enough to get the conversation started.

Pulling the trigger on this trade would, by no means, make San Antonio favorites in the West -- but it would go a long way in making them serious competitors in the next few years to come.