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NBA Rumors: Suns Could Trade For Mike Conley



The Phoenix Suns have bene in search of a star-level point guard for ages. And while this summer is full of unknowns, you can bet the Suns will be looking to finally fill their point guard role.

In a story by Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report, Mike Conley Jr. could be the answer.

“Without a proper floor general in place, no one could align what’s quietly become a compelling collection of young talent. Add an established, high-level point to the equation, and this roster might take off. Mike Conley could be Phoenix’s accelerator, provided the Grizzlies are bullish on Jackson. Conley can be a tone-setter, a leader and a two-way contributor if he, in turn, is bullish on the Suns’ future. After a couple of dismal seasons in Memphis, the 1-guard is eager to play meaningful basketball deep into the summer.”

True, Mike Conley would be an amazing catalyst for the Suns. As the partner to Devin Booker in the backcourt, he can relieve some pressure off the young star while making up for his inactivity on the other end.

In return, the Grizzlies would get a deal looking something like Tyler Johnson, Josh Jackson, and the Milwaukee Bucks’ 2020 first-round pick. Essentially, it would be a rebuild care package.

The Suns and Grizzlies are two teams in very different states. Memphis is looking to start their rebuild, while Phoenix is looking to capitalize on their own, as they hope to draw their woeful years to a close. Because of their contrasting directions, both can find common ground in the trade market -- and both can help the other accomplish their goals for the summer.