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NBA Rumors: The Brooklyn Nets Should Land Zach LaVine Instead Of James Harden This Season

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

There is no doubt that the Brooklyn Nets are going to be a team to fear this upcoming season. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have already shown flashes of what their duo could look like when healthy, and it's a truly extraordinary sight.

Moreover, the Nets have depth in their lineup outside of their two stars. Players like DeAndre Jordan, Jarrett Allen, Joe Harris, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Caris LeVert will give them options that extend well beyond their two best players.

Still, there is a growing sense around the league that the Nets' insatiable appetite for star-power has yet to be satisfied. With James Harden seemingly available in trade talks, it's no secret that Brooklyn has been gunning for a chance to land him.

But there are some who believe the Nets should go in a different direction, that they should look to Chicago where young star Zach LaVine could be had for the right price. While the Bulls guard is certainly no James Harden, his playstyle and skillset may be a better fit alongside two ball-dominant superstars.

The question is, do the Nets have the pieces to make an intriguing offer? A quick look will tell you that, so long as they're willing to give up some depth, it's certainly plausible.

Trade Package: Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddie, First Round Pick For Zach LaVine

Bulls Add Two Talented Guards For The Price Of One

Giving up a promising youngster in LaVine is certainly no easy ask for Chicago, but if you're getting back two players who averaged a combined 39.3 points per game last season, it certainly helps make the decision a little bit easier.

At 26 and 27, LeVert and Dinwiddie are a major reason why the Nets were able to make a push for the playoffs last season -- even without Durant and a hobbled Kyrie Irving. They did get an invite to the Orlando bubble, though they failed to generate much traction past that point.

In Chicago, the Nets could build their backcourt around Dinwiddie and LeVert or pair one with Coby White and have the other come off the bench. Regardless, the Bulls would be getting back a sizeable amount of talent for Zach, who does have a concerning injury history. The included first-round pick only helps add to the allure of the deal for Chicago.

Nets Form Impressive Core Of LaVine, Durant, Irving

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant both excel on the perimeter, with the ball in their hands. LaVine could be different than a guy like Harden because he wouldn't demand the ball as much and he excels on drives and finishing at the rim.

Adding that sort of inside attack next to pure, knockdown shooters like KD, Kyrie, and even Joe Harris will add a bit of variety to the offense that should help open up the floor for others.

LaVine's inexperience and status as a border-line star will keep his ego in check -- an important thing when you're the third option of a team with the top 15 best players in the game.

Best of all for Brooklyn is the fact that LaVine is still just 25-years-old. With years of growing and developing his game ahead, there is a good chance he gets better under the watchful eye of Steve Nash. Last season, Zach averaged 25.5 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 4.2 assists on 45% shooting.


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