NBA Rumors: The Lakers' Offer For Anthony Davis Has Been Revealed

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With a week to go until the NBA's trade deadline, it seems all but inevitable that something big will happen. Among other names, Anthony Davis has been at the front of everything recently after his request for wanting out went public.

The bidding war has officially begun, and we're hearing all types of stories. At first, it sounded like the Pelicans were determined to wait until the summer to trade Davis. A new report by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski indicates that not only have the two teams communicated already, but the Lakers have already made an offer.

And per Brad Turner, Lakers President Magic Johnson presented 5 different trade scenarios to Demps and his team.

Besides LeBron James, nobody on the Lakers should be considered untouchable.

But with this conversation having already taken place, it could mean a trade is imminent. If the Pelicans really are serious about making a deal, there's got to be one of L.A.'s five offers that they are keen towards taking.

If you're a Laker fan right now, there has to be a sense of optimism as trade talks finally reach their boiling point.